Monday, October 31, 2011


Family and personal stuff, apologies for the abrupt stop and such, may be back some day.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Finally got my computer back! That took long enough. Anyway I've started painting some Grey Knights that I picked up so, I'll post some pics soon.

Not sure what kind of an army to collect, purifiers are tempting. But so are Inquisitor based armies too. And it's not like normal ol' Grey Knights are anything to shake a stick at either.  Also going to a 1,000 point tournament beginning of next month so, i'll post my list and results then. I'll be playing Eldar though, no way to collect that many GK in such a short period of time.. Unless I ran Paladin spam with Draigo but that's kind of lame :p

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I get my computer back this weekend hopefully.. I'm heading over to the local gaming store tomorrow, gonna pick up some GK. Will try to post about my 500 point all-terminator army tomorrow <3 takes forever to type on this phone.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hey guys, i'm updating this phone my phone, computer got damaged in a lightning strike so, it's at the repair store so that the insurance company has proof that it's broken (stupid). I'll do a new post when I can get my hands on a new computer.

I'm thinking about buying some Grey Knights, but I think I might have to take out a mortgage to finish the army :p I can post the construction and painting process though if you guys want. Otherwise i'll just post more about Eldar I guess. (thanks for all the support guys!)

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Sorry guys! I'll try to have a new post up by friday.

PS: no mention of that song friday.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Unit Review: Seers!

Going to try to cover Farseers and Warlocks in this, though I don't have at on of experience with the latter. Farseers can be a vital lynchpin in your Eldar army. I see alot of players don't use Farseers or warlocks competitively, instead going for autarchs so they can more easily reserve deny.

Farseers can give you the edge that you need to win as Eldar. Need to re-roll to wound against a certain squad to make sure it dies? Doom. Need to make sure the shots hit? Guide. Fortune is useful for turning a squad into a bullet magnet, since it lets you reroll saves. Want to get rid of a power fist in a squad so that you can assault it easier? Mind war. And being able to stick a LD 10 character into a squad never hurts.

Taking most of those powers is prohibitively expensive in most cases though. It's a wiser decision to take Eldrad, since he comes with all the powers and wargear, and has a better statline. Otherwise most people just take a single power, ala doomseers or fortuneseers.

One of the most dreaded Eldar units used to be the jetseer council. Warlocks on jetbikes accompanied by a Farseer on a jetbike, using fortune every turn so that their 3+ saves are rerollable. Their witchblades wound everything on 2+ and with doom you can reroll that. They count as str 9 vs vehicles too so, not much trouble popping even landraiders in melee. Each warlock can even take a singing spear and a psychic power that is equivalent to a heavy flamer, if you want to ensure you can take on hordes easily. Such a unit will usually end up costing you atleast half of the points of your army though.

Basically, with proper use of Farseers, you can make more strategic decisions without having to worry as much about the dice betraying you. For example, a Dire Avenger squad with guide, firing on a squad that is doomed hits on 3+, and rerolls to hit, then wounds on 4+ most of the time, and rerolls to wound. 32 shots total if you use bladestorm. I've found the average amount of wounds vs infantry to be atleast 20-25. Even if it is a space marine squad, most of them will die. Very useful for getting rid of trouble units.

As it currently stands, I think that the Farseer is the most useful Eldar HQ second to the Avatar of Khaine. And they work well together too. I usually follow my avatar around with a seer, casting fortune on him every turn so that the firepower put into taking him down is wasted.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Here is a  picture of one of my  my wave serpents.. still need to touch up the lines on it, not very smooth yet.

Should I post about more Eldar stuff or another race? Thinking about Grey Knights if anyone is interested.